Pace Of Play

A lunch break is not allowed after 9 holes. Players may take a short break of not more than 5 minutes and must keep up with the group in front. Anyone who stops for lunch after 9 holes will be considered to have finished their round and will not be allowed to resume their round.

If a match fails to keep its pace on the course in excess of your allotted time, it must allow the match following to pass on request and the match following must play through.

Maximum length of time permitted per round
2 ball games 9 holes 1 hour 45 minutes
3 and 4 ball games                       9 holes   2 hours 5 minutes
2 ball games 18 holes                        3 hours 30 minutes                           
3 ball games 18 holes 3hours 55 minutes
4 ball games 18 holes 4 hours 15 minutes

Marshals will enforce the pace of play on the golf course based on this time table
Hole  D1  D2  D3  D4  D5  D6  D7  D8  D9 Total
Time (mins) 13 8 15 15 13 16 14 8 13 1 hr 55 mins
Hole   J1  J2   J3   J4   J5   J6   J7   J8   J9  Total
Time (mins) 17 15 8 13 14 7 16 10 15 1 hr 55 mins
Hole  R1  R2  R3  R4  R5  R6  R7  R8  R9 Total
Time (mins) 15 10 17 14 14 16 13 10 16 2 hr 5 mins

It is the duty of every golfer to keep up with the group in front, NOT just ahead of the one behind.

Tips for faster play :
  • Select your club before it is your turn to hit.
  • Be ready to hit when it is your turn.
  • When riding, after you hit a shot get into the cart with your club. Put it away when you reach the next shot.
  • If you and your playing partners are on opposite sides of a fairway, don't wait to hit even if he's farther away. Play ready golf!
  • Watch your ball! Mentally mark the shot where it went.
  • Only make one practice swing.

A group will be warned for slow play if :

It is 10 or more minutes behind the group in front AND it has exceeded the maximum recommended time for the round at any point on the golf course, AND it has allowed the group in front to get ahead by more than one clear hole. If you are unable to improve your pace of play after 2 warnings, marshals will require your group to skip one or two holes. Please follow the instructions from course marshals. Any Member who receives three warning letters for slow play within a twelve-month period will be banned from playing or reserving tee times for a period of one calendar month. During this period that Member will not be permitted to enter a club competition.

The above restrictions will apply at ALL times, including competitions.