The World Handicap System (WHS) 2020
Developed by The R&A and USGA in close coordination with existing handicapping authorities, the WHS provides all golfers with a consistent measure of playing ability, with handicaps calculated in the same way wherever they are in the world.

The WHS encompasses both the Rules of Handicapping and the Course Rating System (formerly the USGA Course Rating and Slope System).
Your new Handicap Index in 2020 is based on the modernized Rules of Handicapping and more responsive to good scores by averaging your eight best scores out of your most recent 20 (currently, it’s 10 out of 20 with a .96 multiplier).
Maximum Hole Score for Handicap Purpose
Effective from 2020, the maximum hole score for each player will be limited to a Net Double Bogey. This replaces the previous Equitable Stroke Control system.
Score Input
When inputting scores into the new WHS, players may either input their hole-by-hole gross score, or total adjusted score (9 or 18 holes). The Club highly recommends players to input their hole-by-hole score because the system will automatically adjust for the maximum hole score allowance (net double bogey). If a player chooses to input total score, he/she will need to calculate their adjusted score before submission.

Handicap Restrictions
Blue tee - 18 course handicap or below at any time.
Members (including their guests) wishing to tee off during Saturday afternoon sessions and holiday morning sessions must hold a valid handicap which must not exceed 24 for men and 36 for ladies. 

Course Handicap Conversion Chart - Update in June 2021 

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Jade & Ruby

Ruby & Diamond