** Please note that Club facilities are currently opened for GOLF CLUB MEMBERS and ACCOMPANIED GUESTS ONLY until further notice**    
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While on Club premises Members must maintain a reasonably conservative standard of dress, and dress in proper golf attire while on the course. A Member should dress in a manner that is inoffensive to others. Gentlemen may wear proper Bermuda-style golf shorts. Gentlemen must wear collared shirts and the shirts should be tucked into trousers. Ladies may wear sleeveless or collarless blouses provided that they are conservative and tasteful and of a type commonly considered standard golf attire. Collarless golf shirts are permitted. 

In common, tank tops,track suits, track pants, tights, surf shorts or running shorts are not permitted. Athletic shorts or short-shorts are not permitted with the exception of on the tennis courts. Swimwear is not permitted in the Clubhouse at any time. For men, collarless shirts, sleeveless shirts or mid-calf length trousers are not permitted.     
Suitable footwear must be worn in the Clubhouse at all times. Slippers, sandals and thongs/flip flops are not permitted. Footwear or clothing may not be changed in any room other than the changing rooms. Spiked shoes are not permitted.
Jeans and denim wear of a smart/casual nature are permitted in the Clubhouse. Torn, dirty or ripped jeans are not permitted at any time.
If improperly dressed, Members and their guests may be asked to change into proper attire or may be asked to leave the Club premises.