Membership Structure Revamp and Introduction of Fixed Club Membership Prices. (For details, please click HERE.)

 ** Please note that Club facilities are currently opened for GOLF CLUB MEMBERS and ACCOMPANIED GUESTS ONLY until further notice**    
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Past Captains
Club Captain
Mr. James Hui 1991/2011
Mr. William Chung 2011/2018

Lady Captain
Mrs. Sali Lyons 1989/1990
Mrs. Margaret Goldsmith 1990/1992
Mrs. Christine Tennant 1992/1993
Mrs. Keiko Sonoda 1993/1994
Mrs. Veronica Kam 1994/1997
Mrs. Wini Abelsted 1997/1999
Mrs. Debra Fung 1999/2001
Mrs. Elizabeth Lam 2001/2002
Mrs. Wini Abelsted 2002/2004
Mrs. Baik SJ Soojee 2004/2006
Ms. Eileen Ling 2006/2008
Mrs. Marsha Ko 2008/2010
Ms. Rebecca Leung 2010/2011
Mrs. Janelle Weber  2011/2013
Ms. Wendy Cho 2013/2016
Ms. Judyanna Li 2016/2018
Ms. Annie Wong 2018/2020