***Starting Saturday April 1st the DBGC Bus Timetable will revert back to the original schedule, and the boarding point will be moved to the same side as the alighting point. If coming from the pier, you no longer need to cross the road. Please be advised that the Club bus will no longer stop at Nim Shue Wan.**      ** Golf Course Renovation - The Club is happy to announce that all details have been finalized and we are ready to begin the renovation of Ruby course! On Saturday, March 25th, Ruby course will be closed for construction. We thank you for your patience and understanding while we work on making DBGC even better.**           
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Diamond Course 1
A daunting par-4 with which to begin your game. How you fare here can often set the tone for the entire round. A good drive to the left centre of the fairway is the key.

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